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Security of your house Security of Your Loved Ones

Bay Security within the Swiss Consulting Services Group offers HD night vision camera systems for your business and home.

Bay security launched a campaign with special prices for the associations.


  • SECURITY FIRST- Trust but take precaution anyway
  • No unsafe Association and business LEFT


After the first investigation Bay Security expert teams to your home, workplace or office, we offer you a quote after the labor to take place and camera system and materials to be used.

For making a Golden Touch to Your Security and instant free Investigation, contact us without waiting any longer!

You Can Watch It Live via Your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Computer Wherever You Are!


Security of your house Security of Your Loved Ones


It offers solution offers about the security system for associations, mosques, sports clubs, detached houses, workplaces, government offices, car galleries, gas stations, markets.

Request Free Investigation for Detecting an Appropriate Security Camera for Your Home and Workplace.


HD night vision camera systems for your workplace and home.

24/7 Live / Record Viewing

You Can Watch It Live Anytime You Wish, You Can View the Old Records if you want to.

HD View and Night Vision

Watch the Views Live and HD Both at Night and Day. Don’t Miss Any Detail!


Motion Detection

If you wish, it records the moving areas by 24/7 Recording or Motion Detection.

Record Duration

You Can Decide on the Record Duration as you wish. (15days / 1 month / 2 months /12 months)

Remote Viewing

You Can Watch It Live via Your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Computer Wherever You Are!


Cameras differ according to the areas that they will record. There are thousands of different kinds of security cameras with different features in the market all cameras have different modes and intentions of operation. Don’t forget to get support from our expert teams to choose the best camera For You.




  • Private information is not shared with third parties, even for the purposes of reference.

Our company Bay Security security systems is in service of security cameras for a long time.

No information is provided about the buildings and houses where installation is made due to our data protection law and our principle.


Security Camera Features


By means of the infrared leds of security cameras, the area under protection is recorded securely by making light illumination that cannot be seen by the human eye in dark environments. These types of security cameras should be preferred for systems that will record 24/7.

Viewing From Mobile Phone

You can watch the online security camera system live via your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can take control of your home and workplace from anywhere in the world that is connected to Internet. If needed, you can also view past recordings and save the security camera record that you need to your phone. You can follow up your caregiver at home or personnel at the workplace and take security measures easily.

Security Camera Prices

It is estimated after the investigation to be made, the quality of the camera to be used, special requests to be demanded, and the labor to take place.




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