Other Services

Bay Swiss Consulting other services

  • Information about Switzerland
  • Education in Switzerland
  • Holiday in Switzerland
  • Transportation Service in Switzerland
  • Translation in all languages
  • Media Consulting in Switzerland
  • Social Media Consulting and Advertising Management
  • Advertising/ Promotion and media consulting
  • Poster, flyer, catalog and visual document video shootings
  • Camera and Photo shootings in special occasions
  • Multiple-camera special video shootings with Drone
  • Multi-camera shooting at events such as football tournaments and concerts / special association nights
  • Product marketing / promotion opportunities for Swiss society
  • Product marketing / promotion opportunities for Turkish Society
  • Event Organization
  • Attendance of Switzerland’s well-known famous people to your special occasions
  • Preparation of the hall from A to Z for special occasions such as engagement, weddings, henna
  • its decoration and food service
  • photograph and camera shooting organization
  • Fair Attendance Organization in Switzerland
  • Insurance consulting for the private individuals and companies in Switzerland
  • Planning of Retirement and Finance in Switzerland
  • Real-estate buying and selling in Switzerland
  • Building Security Camera systems in areas such as company, hall, special venue, automative gallery

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