Bay Media Agency

Promote your firm, brand, product, venue with effective professional visuals

Bay Swiss Media Consulting,

Offers creative solutions with very effective high-quality video shootings within the context of the accession of companies’ product and brand promotions to the target audience.

These shootings are made with high-technology products and fully equipped shooting apparatus.

Some of these are as follows;

  • Document shooting of the firm owner’s life story
  • Venue promotion
  • Product promotion
  • Media advertising management

Each project is conducted in a specially determined time slot in line with the needs based on the thoughts of the customer. If the customer does not have an idea yet, the project is presented with some suggestions.

These are as follows; brand product promotion film, firm promotion film, advertising film of the services, photograph shooting, Cataloguing in different languages, factory and venue promotion film, hotel promotion film, school promotion film, company promotion film, hospital promotion film, fair promotion film, promotion video, tv advertising film, document film. Short spot video visuals to share on the social media.

  • Advertising and product shootings can be made with the famous people in sports and entertainment sector of the country in the target audience.
  • Famous people are made to attend to your special occasions in Switzerland.
  • Promotion opportunities of your firm or brand in Switzerland
  • Promotion of your brand and products with the famous people of Switzerland

-Digital Advertising

  • Video Shooting, Editing and Montage

Promotion and Advertising Film

  • Firm Promotion Film
  • Aerial Display [Drone Shooting]
  • Social Media Live Stream
  • Social Media Advertising

It is almost necessary to use all the opportunities of Digital Marketing….

It is possible for you to reach your targeted consumer group with a Much Lower Cost thanks to the advertising platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked-in…

Our Professional Team works in cooperation on Production and Software Projects and offers you a more quality service with Social Media Advertising Consulting.

Organization Video Shooting


You can simultaneously reflect your Event to the Cinevision and Broadcast it Live on Social Media with the help of our Professional Direction System, Director and Experienced Team.

We are glad to serve you with Seminar Records and Behind the Scenes Records for your Organizations such as Seminar, Congress, Concert, In-Service Training, Dealer Meeting, Open-Air Meeting, Launching with the help of UX Agency Software and Media Services and Solution Partners.

If you wish, the Images of your Organizations and Openings can be reflected to the Cinevision by means of the Live Broadcast Direction System, and simultaneously Broadcasted Live with / without Password via your mobile app and/or Social Media Platforms if their infrastructure is applicable.

Thanks to Drone (Air Vehicles) that can shoot over 5 Km radius with Professional Equipment Pool, and integrated direction system, you can make your organizations from angles that no one can see…

Dubbing and Voiceover

We Offer professional Dubbing and Voiceover Services with HD infrastructure accompanied by Sound Engineers, Director of Editing, musicians.


Public Service Ad and Document Shooting

As Bay Media Agency that has participated in numerous projects, we serve you with the full team of Director, Director of Cinematography, Sound and Light technicians.

We are ready for your Public Service Ad and Document Projects thanks to our Professional Team and New & Technological Equipment Pool. It serves you with the full team of Writer, Director, Director of Cinematography, Sound and Light technicians.

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